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|top| Can I create a link to this game on my site?

Yes, please do.
The more fellow gamers we may entertain, the better!

However, you may NOT embed the game into your own website. This means your link should open a new browser window, which will load the Battleships Headquarters homepage.

You can copy and paste the necessary code bellow:

|top| Can I copy the game to my own webspace?

No, you cannot. If you want to publish our game on your website, you’ll have to purchase an official (non-exclusive) publishing licence. Contact us for more information.

We do hope you respect the fact that we spend hours and hours since 1998 to create this game merely to entertain others for free.

We would like to encourage you to create your own game(s), using your own graphical and textual content. If you need any advice regarding this, please do let us know. Our door is always open to fellow game developers!