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Your generosity will help us in our effort to keep Battleships General Quarters online and free of charge.

In 1998, our first JavaScript online version of Battleships was released. After several upgrades, we decided to port the game to a Flash version. In February 2003, the Flash version of Battleships General Quarters was published online. Since then, well over 2.8 million fellow sailors have been engaged in battle playing Battleship GQ free of charge.
(well over 4.2 million page views)

Battleships General Quarters II is a private project. All work involved is being done in spear time. All costs involved (i.e. web hosting and database support) are being paid from our own personal bank accounts.

If you would like to show your appreciation for our ongoing work, you can support us and make a small contribution by clicking the button below.

We strongly advise our younger visitors to consult your parent FIRST before making a donation!